Every DJ service is different. They all have different ways that they like to entertain your guests. This may not always match what you are expecting for your wedding. Before you go with the first DJ you find or one the venue recommends, make sure they are the right DJ for you.

The Structure

The order of events is critical to making sure your wedding and reception are on pace. Ask your DJ how they like to order the events of the wedding. For example, some DJs like to do Partner/Parent Dances right after entrances. Others like to wait until after dinner or even the end of the night. Some DJs like to get the crowd on the dance floor immediately after dinner to keep the energy up. Others prefer to let guest’s stomachs settle with some cocktail hour style music. None of these options are wrong per say. Talking about the structure you are expecting and what they offer makes a difference. Also, be open minded going into the meeting. If the DJ is professional, they know what format works for them. They should be up front with you about their expectations as much as you are about yours.

The Vibe

You will know if you gel with a DJ when you meet with them. The energy a DJ brings to your wedding sets the tone of the entire night. Your DJ could have their own persona that is all about hyping up the crowd. They could be the more reserved type of DJ that wants to fade into the background. They could be the type who is very sentimental and plays into the theatrical. There is no one way to DJ so DJs are not all cookie cutter. If you think they will not be capable of matching the tone of your wedding, you should choose a different option. It is not a personal attack so do not feel bad if you do not go with the “fun” option. The wedding is for you so go with what works best for you. That being said, no matter what you choose a guest or two will have some comment to make about the DJ of your choice. Everyone has an opinion and has their own expectations. As long as you are happy with your DJ selection, that is all that matters.

The Professional Choice

Meeting in person is vital in making sure you are making the professional choice. Meet with more than one DJ service to have a basis of comparison. Going with the first DJ you meet can leave you with buyer’s remorse. Know your options and vet the candidates. Always choose the professional option. They have experience and packages that are tried and true. Going with a family member or friend can be risky unless they actually know what they are doing. It is a more complicated job than people may expect. Find a DJ you trust will be able to keep the plates all spinning.