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We didn’t just want to provide the same services as every other New Jersey DJ. We wanted to go above and beyond. So no matter what your event, we have a DJ package for you. From weddings to nightclubs, we’re there.

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We’ve seen a lot of New Jersey weddings. We’ve heard a lot of New Jersey DJs. And we wanted to take those experiences and create something new.

And that’s the philosophy behind SCE Event Group. We make awesome weddings for awesome people. That’s the heart of it.  Fun wedding DJ based entertainment that is curated for couples in search of excellence.

We absolutely love what we do. It’s not often that a job is also a calling. And our calling is to be the best wedding DJs. Period.

  • Raging Crowds 100% 100%
  • Packed Dance Floors 100% 100%
  • Guest Satisfaction 100% 100%

Top Mixes

We only bring the best remixes and top tracks. Our mixes bring guests to the dance floor and keep them there.

Best MCing

Our MCing keeps your wedding day moving smoothly and stress-free. We’re also smooth on the mic.

SCE Weddings

SCE weddings aren’t your average reception. With the best MCs and mixes, you can expect the best.

How to Have the Best New Jersey Wedding

(With the Best DJs)

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a headache. Removing stress comes down to having a plan. And helping you make and execute that plan is one of our (many) strong suits.

We are a service business. Although many companies in our industry may have similarly titled options or offerings, if you do some homework, you soon will discover that there is a difference. We call it the SCE difference.








Beautiful Wedding

Cool weddings For

Cool Couples

Weddings in New Jersey (and beyond) should be personal and unique. You shouldn’t have to settle for an “okay” wedding DJ. Your wedding deserves to be the best it can be. That’s where SCE wedding DJs come in. 

Weddings DJed

Satisfied Couples

Wedding Awards

Full-Time DJs

Your Event Investment

Pricing for event entertainment can vary wildly… like anything else you might purchase. Whether it’s a meal at a great restaurant, a new suit or dress, or even a new car, you’ll get what tastes right, looks great, and drives perfectly according to you.

We are a service business, and although many companies in our industry may have similarly titled options or offerings, if you do some homework, you soon will discover that there is a difference. The costs for all these services and experiences will vary from company to company and professional to professional, based on the quality, experience and the team/technology invested into each presentation.

SCE offers different pricing options which are based on each host’s demand and booking availability.

Park Chateau Wedding Venue

How does the pricing work?

Our team operates in a boutique-like fashion, where we tailor our services and approach for each and every event.  We do not offer packages, but a la carte services so you only select the enhancements that make the most sense for your venue, event, or vision.

Pricing is provided after we meet virtually to discuss your celebration details. 

To get started please complete the contact us form on our website. 


Kevin Garrity – Party DJ and Fun MC that crushes parties.

Bob LaFauci –Party DJ, and Outgoing MC.

Chris Atwood - Party Rock DJ and MC with charismatic soul

(Events average $2750 to $5000)


Jeff Scott Gould – One of the most dynamic DJs in the industry.

Paul Knox – High Energy Host, DJ.

Christian LaGrotteria – Event Host, DJ, Party Rocker.

Jason Cohen – Host, DJ, Turntablist.

Chris Obando – Party DJ and Bi-lingual Spanish Speaking MC

Seth Velez – Party DJ and MC.

(Events average $3500 to $7500)


Jason Jani – SCE Founder, Tastemaker, Internationally Recognized DJ/Host/Industry influncer.

Nick Spinelli – Wedding / Club / Tik Tok famous with DJ over 15 million ❤️'s, Member of the Beatsource team.

Tony Tee Neto – SCE’s in-house Super Talented Voice-Over Artist.

(Events average $5000 to $9500)

Mixing Masters

Career Entertainment Professionals

A word you’ll never find describing SCE Event Group is “cheesy.” We take a modern, boutique-style approach to DJing weddings. That means we uniquely adjust how we use our talent, our service, and everything we do to fit perfectly with the needs of your party, event or wedding. Nothing is cookie cutter, nothing is basic, and you have the ability to ultra customize everything we do in order to create the perfect vibe at your celebration.

It also means we work directly with you to customize your music, atmosphere, lighting, and wedding day itself. That’s how we keep the spotlight on you.

We’re professional, full-time wedding DJs. That means we have the experience, expertise, and energy to make your wedding truly the best day ever.

When you book SCE for your wedding, you know you’re getting the best. Our thousands of 5-star reviews prove it.

What Questions Should I Ask A Wedding DJ?

Questions for a wedding DJ can vary couple-to-couple. But there are some important ones to make sure you’re getting the best DJ for your wedding.

  • Do you offer a written contract (important!)
  • Do we meet our DJ before the wedding?
  • Are you full-time wedding DJs?
  • Have you DJed at my venue?
  • How long have you been a wedding DJ?

With these starting questions, you can start to get a feel for your DJs vibe, and ensure that it meshes with your own.

Can You Have A Band and A Wedding DJ?

Most people think in terms of band or DJ. We didn’t like that thought process. These days, it’s becoming more and more common to see a band and a DJ. Some combos we see are:

  • A band will play the ceremony and a DJ will play the reception
  • A drummer plays with the DJ throughout the wedding day
  • A band is the main music with a DJ playing during the band’s breaks
  • A band will play the reception and a DJ throws the afterparty
  • Or (our favorite) an electric violin accompanies the live DJ

Your wedding day should have the music of your dreams, whether it’s a band or a DJ. That’s why at SCE Events, we didn’t want to limit the scope of our soundscapes.

How Do I Find the Right Wedding DJ?

Finding the right wedding DJ for you and your wedding isn’t as simple as it may seem. But there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re on the right track.

  • Think about your vibe. Do you want high-energy or background music?
  • Are they a friend or relative (often this isn’t the best approach!)
  • How familiar are they with the music you want on your wedding day?
  • Do they have experience working at your venue?
  • How long have they been DJing weddings?

Sometimes, it can come down to a gut feeling. Find out about your DJ’s experience and expertise. And if it feels right, ask for a contract.

How Important Is a DJ at a Wedding?

It depends. If having music and dancing on your wedding day are important to you, then a DJ is one of the most important wedding vendors. The DJ will be:

  • Controlling the music (and the vibe) of the whole day
  • Making all the announcements throughout the reception
  • Introducing the bridal party and/or groomsmen
  • MCing and facilitating the flow of the day
  • The contact point between you and your guests

DJing a wedding isn’t just about playing the right music. Your wedding DJ is keeping your whole wedding day moving and (ideally) flawless.

What Else Can SCE Event Group DJs Do?

Your wedding DJ doesn’t just play music. The most important job they have is setting the atmosphere of the day itself. But, if you’re looking for wedding extras, SCE can also:

  • Design your event with custom lightscaping
  • Work creatively with live musicians (drums, violin, and more)
  • Craft custom solutions like personalized audio
  • Pair your DJ experience with an amazing photo booth
  • Take your event to the next level in general

Though we can usually be found hosting the best weddings in New Jersey, we’re also frequently traveling to New York, Pennsylvania, and throughout the world.

Why Book SCE NJ Wedding DJs?

If you’re looking for the best wedding DJs in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, look no further. We host awesome wedding after awesome wedding by:

  • Always working with you to create a personal celebration
  • Creating light and soundscapes totally unique to you
  • Being masters of both mixing and ceremony
  • Perfectly matching the energy-level of your day and guests
  • Being with you every step of your music-planning process

We’re comfortable claiming that we throw some of the absolute best weddings in the Northeast. Call or email SCE Event Company to see how we can make your wedding a masterpiece.

Wedding DJs
Who Get It

SCE Events are something special. Nothing about us is average. Basically, if you can dream it, we can do it.

That’s how we’re not your average NJ wedding DJ company. Our boutique approach accents your big day and puts you in the spotlight.

Through working directly with our brides and grooms, we learn what makes your wedding special and unique. Then we work together to find the best wedding soundtrack for your day.

That’s how we throw the best weddings imaginable. It’s all about you and your vision. And how we can help you achieve it.

SCE Event Group


Plan out your perfect wedding day. If you could have everything you wanted, why wouldn’t you?


When the day arrives, you can sit back and enjoy it. We create stress-free weddings (with everyone dancing).


We’re excited and enthusiastic about what we do. And that translates to an engaging and exciting day for you.

What They’re
Saying About Us

If you don’t believe us when we say we’re the best DJs on Earth, see what some of our couples and clients have to say.

We hired SCE Events for our October Wedding. They are amazing! It was quite cold, and Christian kept everyone on the dance floor. They were great to work with from beginning to end. Highly recommend them and won’t hire any other DJ.

Brittany V.

Thank you Jason for creating the wedding of my dreams. I highly recommend SCE for your event. From the music to photo booth, SCE exceeded my expectations and created a whole experience for my guests. People can’t stop raving about our first dance where we had the dancing on the clouds enhancement AND snow. Yes snow. It was amazing. You and your team rock! Shoutout to everyone at SCE for working together to make my dreams come true.

Dalia H.

Jeff and the SCE team were AWESOME! They really helped make this the best day of our lives. The planning process with them was so simple and easy. With everything going on in the world today we were a little nervous about how our guests would be at the wedding but Jeff made sure they had the best time and we are so thankful for that!

Francesca L.

Honestly I don’t even know where to start!! If you want to have a blast and have your guests up on the dance floor for 99% of the night SCE is definitley the way to go. From the moment we met Nick Spinelli we knew that’s who we needed to dj our wedding. He has the coolest personality and truly knows how to feel out the vibe so well. He rolled one good song into another no one wanted the night to end!

Francesca L.

Jason Jani is simply the best! Even during these crazy times he gave us the best party we could have ever asked for! His energy is off the charts! We are so grateful for everything!!!
Christine C.

Christian from SCE was an amazing DJ. He kept the dance floor packed all night and listened to exactly what we wanted for the night. Friends are still talking about how great the music was.
Katelyn R.

As an event and wedding planner, I LOVE working with the SCE Event Group. They never disappoint! This group is super professional and extremely talented. Thanks for helping make all our events together so amazing for our awesome couples!
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At SCE we don’t have dedicated salespeople. Please let us know who you want to work with and we will set up a meeting with you and that specific team member (pending availability) to discuss your event vision and details.

We offer the ability to meet with you via FaceTime, Zoom, Phone or in person at our office in Wall/Farmingdale, NJ.

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