A DJ is just a DJ, right?  Nope.  Ok, so what makes SCE so special?

The typical perception of most mobile DJs will make a person cringe– it’s a stereotype we have been trying to change one event at a time since we  came together in 2009.   

So what makes SCE so different? 

Is it our talented team? Yes … Is it our look? Yep … Is it our equipment, and the way we use it at our events? Absolutely. But  that’s not all!  The SCE difference truly is our unique, boutique-influenced approach to event design.  

Why does this matter? Your event will be your event, not a carbon copy of what people have seen before.  You can expect a professional and ultra-personal experience that will leave your guests screaming, “One more song!” and saying, “That was the best party I have ever been to!”  without “the cheese.”

We are not just “DJs”, and no two events are ever the same for us at SCE.  There is no “standard.”  There are no “packages.”  There is no average.  We hope to inspire you to have the celebration you’ve always dreamed of: your space full of family and friends, and your dance floor packed the entire night, creating unforgettable moments; and just the right enhancements from our portfolio that’ll compliment your celebration and reflect your vision. 

When you combine our unique approach to wedding entertainment, with our amazing roster of full-time Event Hosts (yes, “full-time career Event Hosts, not just “guys who DJ on the side”), magic happens for our couples, clients, groups and guests of honor.

We live events – all day, every day, and this is our way of life at SCE.  We promise to make your event something special without using outdated techniques, cheesy interaction skits, pre-set playlists or shiny blow up props. Let’s face it: the entertainment at your celebration will dictate the mood, and will help create the evening, your family, and your friends will never forget.

We are proud to say we do cool things for cool people. And  we’re ready to help you design the event you deserve.

Have a look around our site. We’ve loaded it with information to help you plan the perfect event including  real video footage from REAL events.  It’s a backstage pass so you can see that we’re not just “talk.”  We deliver.  And we do it consistently.

When you’re ready to learn more, please fill out the contact form on this site or give us a call, 888-278-0900. – We can’t wait to hear from you!



We pride ourselves on being different than any other DJ company, anywhere in the world.  We are passionate, insanely creative– and “average” just isn’t what we’re about.  We’re always looking to do more– create, innovate, and show how technology, when used with talent, allows us to change the rules.  We push the bar higher and in different directions, so that our Rockstar Couples receive the type of wedding they deserve: one that will be remembered long after the last song at the reception ends.  Packed dance floors loaded with guests of all ages, and smiles from wall to wall, is what it’s about for us.  It’s all about making our events as unique as the couples that we’re honored to celebrate with.  It’s about making magic happen.  And it’s about personalization of every detail possible, to ensure that wedding visions are brought to life, and memories are made for all to enjoy.  At the SCE Event Group, we understand the importance of your celebration, and will create a stress-free entertainment experience that you will never forget.  We believe in total event personalization, and utilize a modern boutique-style approach to wedding entertainment that will keep you in the spotlight without using “cheesy” outdated DJ techniques.


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More then weddings, welcome to SCE Signature Events

Great parties don’t just happen.  They are a result of outstanding entertainment playing the right music, using the right technology at the right time.  The full time hosts at the SCE Event Group are available for events world wide.  Whatever the event, vision or vibe, we have you covered to make sure we rock. 




The SCE Event Group is proud to launch our Teen SCEne portfolio.  How would we describe what we bring to each of our teen events? Energy, and non stop excitement on your dance floor, all night long. From the latest Hip Hop, Top 40, EDM hits, and Twerk edits – your party soundtrack will be in line to the hottest music trends in the nightlife scene.   Inspired by nightlife, fashion and FUN.  Have the party your friends will remember, learn more by clicking here…


Corporate Events


The Corporate Event portfolio caters to clients in search of contempory entertainment excellence.  Offering a unique blend of exclusive industry talent & dramatic production services, we  will work with you to design the perfect compliment of entertainment, A|V needs, decor, lightscaping and multi-media production to ensure your event will be the talk of the water cooler.  From Holiday Parties to Corporate Gala’s, we got you covered at the SCE Event Group.


Fashion Events


The Marquee portfolio at SCE – is our twist on the retail and fashion world.  From runway fashion shows, to retails sales events, to VIP appreciation parties, the SCE Event Group has traveled the world supporting some really cool companies do events that are a tremendous success.  Our fashion portfolio boasts some incredible brands and companies.  Incredible attention to detail and meticulous programming combined with style and class, that is what Marquee is all about.


Social Events


The Social Events services portfolio offered by the SCE Event Group has been created to satisfy general celebrations in need of incredible DJ talent and overall entertainment excellence.  There are many types of general life events that can be hosted by SCE such as Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Reunions, Graduations, Engagement Parties, Concerts, After-Parties, Celebrity events or any other event in need of a DJ or Event Production.

Meet some of our Event Hosts 

Jason Jani

Jason Jani has been setting new standards in the private event industry for years, he is a multi-faceted artist, innovator, event producer, remixer, visionary, marquee open format DJ and the Founder of SCE.

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Tony Tee Neto

As a DJ and MC for over 16 years,Tony is a creative force who has touched so many facets of the industry. His taste for music developed very early on, eventually evolving into taking up…

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Jeff Scott Gould

On a good hair day, Jeff Scott Gould stands at a strong 5’4″.  He has been entertaining at private events since before he had a driver’s license and attributes his love for the entertainment industry…

Read More About Jeff

Paul Knox

Paul Knox is no stranger to the DJ Entertainment industry.  He brings a universe of energy and experience to the SCE family. On the microphone he is energetic and exciting! On the mic he is passionate and…

Read More About Paul

Joe Falco

Joe Falco is the Operations Manager at the SCE Event Group, bringing a twist of New York style to the Jersey based entertainment firm. His story in this industry started when on his thirteenth birthday, when he asked his parents for a set of turntables to spin like the DJs he heard on the radio. And now…

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Christian Lagrotteria

Having worked with the SCE Event Group team for over 10 years at different events, Christian also known as CL, has become a very popular host for events all over NJ and NY. Christian’s professionalism and musical talent has been cultured throughout the past ten years in many different…

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Manny Caraballo

Manny aka DJ Infamous is a premier fulltime latin wedding amd club specialist providing his DJ music services to private events throughtout the metro NJ/NY market.  Manny brings with him over 15 years of experience to the SCE Event Group family and the ability to cater to clients in search of…

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Josh Christie

Josh Christie brings a production twist to the SCE Event Group team of talent.  With over 10 years of experience as a DJ, and as a production specialist, Josh has become a valuable asset within the SCE Event Group portfolio. He has evolved into a creative visionary in the private event industry…

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