When it comes to planning your wedding, don’t leave out one of the most important and memorable details! Don’t forget to talk to your DJ about their gear set-up for your wedding! After all, you’ve spent months, or years planning every last detail when it comes to your big day, so don’t leave this important detail out. After all, your DJ literally brings the party to your reception, as such, their set-up should both complement and enhance your party décor!

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!

Here at SCE we’re all about presentation! We believe that our set-up – no matter how amazing and elaborate – should complement and enhance your décor aesthetic. So, DJ booths, light scaping, party lighting, CO2 guns, media displays and safe indoor spark fountains…big yes! But, a messy set-up, dangling cords or broken gear…no way!

Setting The Party Vibe

The right DJ set-up should add to the vibe of the party, and increase your guests anticipation for the night to come; while the architectural light scaping, monogram projection and specialty lighting effects will have an immediate wow factor when your guests first enter your reception space.

Enhance, Enhance, Enhance!

We’ve all been to parties where the DJ was reading the crowd and influencing the mood of the party like a master party conductor! Those parties tend to loom large in our memories. At SCE parties like that are our bare minimum, and after that we add extra oomph with enhancements

Step-up To The DJ Booth

At SCE we have an extensive and ever expanding catalog of DJ booths and DJ furniture. We have a party set-up to fit every vibe you could dream of. Going for a crispy clean pedestal style set-up with minimal lighting? We can do that! Looking to create a Vegas style nightclub experience for your guests? We can certainly do that! Looking to incorporate media displays to the DJ booth, for visuals, music videos, or a day-of wedding slideshow during dinner? Sounds great! We can absolutely do that!

Get In On The Action

At SCE we love couples who want to take the reins a little and get in on the action! And, I’ll let you in on a little secret… The couples who are willing to get out and rock the dance floor, shoot the Co2 gun, borrow a microphone for a little sing-along action, or step-up to the DJ booth to help hype the crowd, always have the best parties! That’s because if you’re all in on your celebration, your guests will be too, and you’ll all experience a once in a lifetime happening! Sounds pretty special right?!

Create Memories That Will Last a Lifetime!

If after reading this article you’re starting to feel pumped about your upcoming wedding, and you can feel creative wedding ideas bubbling up, get in touch! Here at SCE we love to help couples create some of the most amazing wedding reception experiences that the world has to offer! You could call us a one-stop wedding party shop! Let us – with all our vast experience and leading industry knowledge – create a core life and wedding experience for you, your sweetheart and all your nearest, dearest and rowdiest!