Everyone is There For You!

True story! They are there because of their love for you! Imagine… It’s your wedding day, and you’re surrounded by your nearest and dearest family and friends. Every person there has been selected carefully by you and your sweetie to share in one of the absolute biggest days of your lives! All eyes are on you, and you get the privilege of setting the tone and vibe of your celebration. You and your sweetheart can consider yourself the ringmasters of your wedding circus! After all, you have painstakingly selected every detail, right down to the guest list and playlist, and now it’s time to enjoy it, while ensuring that everyone else enjoys it too! 

Want your wedding to be one for the history books? A momentous occasion that brings a smile to people’s faces for years to come? Then it’s up to you and your beloved to make it happen! No pressure necessary, because it really is easier than you think! We Promise!

Not a Dry Eye in the Place!

Maybe being the center of attention isn’t really your thing, maybe you prefer to be more of a background player. That may be, and that may work for you in other scenarios, but that’s not really an option at your wedding! Everyone that is in attendance loves the two of you, is simply happy to be included, and wants to witness your happiness personally! They’ve chosen to spend the day with you, when they could literally be doing anything else!

Your guests want to see your first dance! It doesn’t matter to them whether it’s traditional, or more adventurous! Maybe you want to go all the way and choreograph a complicated dance routine, maybe you don’t. Whatever you decide, they are there to see YOU, they are not there to criticize your dancing! Trust us! With our abundance of experience, we know what we’re talking about! You can decide just how far you want to take your first dance, but for the love of all that’s good and pure… get up on the dancefloor

Strut Your Stuff on The Dancefloor!

Some of the most enduring memories and moments of your wedding will happen after all the official business of the day is complete! Everyone is ready to get up, celebrate and let loose after all the big emotion of the day! 

But, the thing is, if you and your sweetheart want a happening party at your wedding, you need to get your behinds up on the dancefloor! You are the guests of honor after all, and if you’re dancing, your guests will join you out there! Ultimately, they came to spend the day celebrating you two and your love story! And, there’s a special kind of alchemy that occurs when you’re dancing with a big group of loved ones. Today is your day, and  you have a unique, and maybe never to be repeated, group of Grandparents, Parents, Aunts, Cousins, and friends! So get out there and make some memories! These are just the kinds of memories that become more valuable in time! You can’t get this day back, so dance!

Close your eyes and picture it! The DJ’s lights are shining and spinning brightly, your favorite music is playing, the dance floor is full of loved ones that are all dressed in their best, everybody’s bodies are swaying, bopping and bouncing to the beat, and everyone has a big smile on their happy faces! Pretty gosh darn special, right? 

The Sprinkles on Top of Your Sundae

Weddings are monumental events that change people’s lives, and expand their families in multiple directions, and we feel that it’s always a privilege to be invited, and you should treat your day with no less reverence! Going with the analogy of an ice cream sundae… if your whole wedding is the sundae, we consider the dance to be the colored sprinkles on top! Never an afterthought, but a meaningful element that contributes a marvelous little something, some flair and hopefully some delicious memories… if you will. So, all that being said, if you want that little something special, those sprinkles on top of that sundae… you NEED to get up and dance!!