Nowadays there are so many choices in photo booths, it can be hard to know which would be best suited to your specific needs/wants. Let us help by walking you through today’s most popular photo booth experience options, and why they might be a good fit for your event! Also, if you’re planning a party in the New Jersey area, we’d be happy to answer your questions, so reach out! There’s even a request for information form right on our website. But, now, onto the photo booth info!

Mirror Photo Booth

What’s a mirror photo booth, you ask?! Well, it’s really just as it sounds, a full, floor length mirror in a beautiful gold gilded frame, that also happens to be a photo booth! The camera and guts of the booth are all behind a thick pane of one way glass, allowing your guests to see exactly how the photos will turn out, while fun animations lead them through the whole process. It’s also handy for giving your outfit a quick once over, or reapplying lipstick in a pinch. If the process of the Mirror Booth still isn’t clear, we have multiple videos on our website where you can see a mirror photo booth in action! Truly, whenever it goes out, people rave about it!

Lounge Or Open Air Photo Booths

A Lounge or Open Air photo booth is a great option when you want to have large groups in the booth at one time. Both Lounge and Open Air booths allow for groups of up to 12 guests, meaning both options allow lots of space for a LOT of fun inside the booth, and the prints will be available almost instantly once the session is complete! The main difference between the two is that the Lounge Booth is a private enclosed space including a customized backdrop, and the lounge photo booth open to the party, but also comes with its own custom backdrop. Both booths create truly beautiful photos, so the choice comes down to preference! If you want to see a demonstration, there is a video of the Lounge Photo Booth in action, right on our website!

Social Booth

A Social Booth is an all-digital photo booth, set up to take pictures just like a regular photo booth as well as being able to animate them into fun GIFs and Boomerangs for your guests to enjoy. Kind of like a modern day flip-book, you guests will love seeing themselves in action! Also, Social Booths come with a ton of available filter options and are easily shared to your guests via text or email! A Social Booth is a great option for anyone looking for something different than a traditional photo booth, for party venues with space restrictions, or for parties with budget constraints. If you have questions, you can see it in action on our sister Snapshot Photobooth Instagram @hellosnapshot

360 Spin Photo Booth

You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a 360 Spin Photo Booth?! Well it’s a slow-motion 360 degree video experience! How it works is, you step up and pose on an elevated platform while the camera slowly spins around you, catching every angle! If you have a tech-savvy crowd looking, or a group that’s looking for something different than a traditional booth, this option could be for you! And, you can see it in action right on our website.