There’s no doubt that we’ll all remember 2022 as the year of the huge post-pandemic wedding boom! So, what does that mean for weddings in 2023? After so many weddings in a short space of time, following a period of such tight restrictions, we believe we’re about to see the biggest shift in wedding trends in decades!

As such, 2023 wedding trends are going to be all about re-inventing the whole wedding experience to suit your needs and wants as a couple, and making it a whole experience for your guests!

And, every detail is open to reinvention, from simple details like more tailored guest lists, to much bigger considerations, like wedding sustainability, the wedding trends for 2023 are set to shake up weddings as we know them. And, we for one, are here for it!

Bold Color Palettes

There’s no need to shy away from color! Think bright, bold and energetic! If minimalism is not your thing, embrace it fully and include vibrant hues, bright metallic accents, eye-catching patterns (maybe even pattern on pattern), super saturated decor lighting, and maybe even requesting guests dress in a certain color palette, or simply avoid all black!

Bright Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Who says that your wedding dress needs to be white?! We’re seeing a much more varied collection of wedding dresses at the weddings we attend, and expect the trend to continue in  the 2023 Wedding Season. So, if you have your eye on a bold sapphire gown, have at it!

Mismatched Wedding Party Attire

While you may want to keep your wedding party’s attire within a certain color family and tone, feel free to use mismatched prints and colors such as florals, polka dots, etc. And, the style of dress can vary as well, ensuring that everyone has a dress that fits them well and are comfortable in! That way your bridal party can get down to the real task of the day, celebrating your and having a fantastic time! 

All That’s Old, is New Again

We’re seeing a definite trend towards updated 70’s, 80’s and 90’s silhouettes in recent years  wedding attire, and we anticipate that it will continue! Think beautiful puff sleeves and a gorgeous veil, but done in a way that doesn’t scream Princess Di’s overstuffed silk taffeta gown!

Sustainable Weddings

There’s no doubt that the wedding industry can create a lot of waste, there are lots of ways to embrace sustainability at your wedding! A few trends we’re seeing are: second hand wedding attire or decor, using in season or locally grown flowers, doing away with wedding favors all together or switching to an eco-friendly option.

Big Bold Entertainment

Another trend we’re seeing, and believe will continue, is providing numerous forms of entertainment for your guests over the course of your celebration! While many couples have slightly scaled back their invite list, they’re still spending about the same, and are using the extra to create truly memorable reception experiences! Think amazing DJ’s with over-the-top light shows and accompanying musicians! Think circus performers, dance troupes, drag queen MC’s, impersonators, stand-up comics, on site artists such as: plein air painters or caricature artists, and etc.! The sky’s the limit! Go for it!