Wedding band or DJ. Can’t decide between the two? We’ve created a pros and cons list of both to help you determine which style of entertainment is right for you and your big day.

Pros of Booking a Wedding DJ 

At SCE Event Group, our professional, full-time DJs work directly with you to customize your wedding soundscape. But the duties of an SCE DJ reach beyond simply manning the playlist. Unlike most wedding bands, SCE Event Group offers premium event enhancements like dancing on the clouds, cold spark fountains and CO2 blasts. We also make announcements throughout the reception, introduce the bridal party and groomsmen, act as a liaison between you and your guests and facilitate the overall flow of the day. In short: SCE ensures that your wedding day is flawless. 



Pros of Booking a Wedding Band 

The obvious pro of booking a wedding band is the unbeatable energy that comes with live music. Luckily at SCE Event Group, we incorporate those same energetic, live music elements into our sets with SCE Fusion. Whether you want a percussionist to accompany your DJ throughout the reception, or an electric violinist to entertain at cocktail hour, we are fully equipped to fulfill your wedding entertainment needs. Our SCE Fusion option blends the best of both entertainment worlds so that you can have your cake and eat it too.  



Cons of Booking a Wedding Band 

When you book a wedding band for your big day, you’re married to a particular style. Consequently, genre-jumping and song requests may not be as seamless as they would be with a DJ. Big bands can also occupy a lot of real estate and your venue may or may not be equipped to accommodate an oversized set up. Another con of booking a band for your wedding is that they may be unwilling to MC and keep your reception running on schedule. Conversely, with a DJ you’ll enjoy an endless repertoire of songs, a tidier setup and professional MC services. 


Violinist and wedding DJ


Cons of Booking a Wedding DJ 

We’re confident when we say that there aren’t any cons to hiring a wedding DJ. When you book with us at SCE Event Group, you’re guaranteed a professional, one-of-a-kind experience. Our team members take a boutique-style approach to your event to ensure that your day is completely your own. 


Saxophonist playing and wedding DJ

Wedding band or DJ. Why not both? No matter the vibe of your wedding, we’ll bring the entertainment to match it. Contact us today to see how we can craft the wedding of your dreams.