Your wedding is a day to celebrate the unique bond you share with your future spouse. And, one of the beautiful things about weddings, is that you are free to exclude any traditions that seem outdated to the two of you, or that simply don’t fall in line with the expectations the two of you have for your big day! And, don’t let anyone tell you differently! It’s 2023, let’s create meaningful celebrations instead of doing things a certain way out of obligation or tradition!

Please know that you aren’t beholden to include anything in your celebration that doesn’t feel authentic to who you are as a couple. And, even though we happen to be a wedding entertainment company, we believe that this includes the first dance! But, don’t worry! We have a few alternatives for you!

Whether you don’t love to slow dance, aren’t especially interested in the spotlight, or just want to make the moment feel like a group activity, there are plenty of reasons you may want to forgo this custom. Whatever your reason or reasons may be, know that it’s a perfectly legitimate choice! These days more and more couples are making the decision to forgo the first dance, and are instead marking the beginning of their party with a fun and unique alternative!

Open The Dance With a Song!

Maybe you are both karaoke champions, studied musical theater, are part of a band, or just love to sing! Whatever the case may be, you might prefer to belt out a duet to open the dance floor, instead of having a first dance! And, if you’re really feeling it, you could write an original song in honor of the occasion! Or, you could also choose a favorite – and well known – song and invite your guests in a sing-along part way through your performance! 

Choreograph a Group Dance!

Maybe you’d rather share that party opening moment with your entire bridal party! If that’s the case, you might want to go all out and choreograph a group dance with some of your nearest and dearest! It will be sure to put your guests in a mood to boogie down and keep the atmosphere of your dance light and fun, especially after all the emotional moments of your big day! And, as a grand finale, each member of the choreographed dance could retrieve a guest from the audience, and pretty soon, everyone will want to get in on the action!

Hire Interactive Performers

You can still give your guests a big dose of the old razzle-dazzle without being the center of attention in this big moment! Think Impersonators, Belly-dancers, Musicians, Stilt-walkers, Acrobats, Drag Queens or Kings, Actors, Dancers, or entire Dance Troupes! Truly, when it comes to one of the biggest days of your new life together, the sky  – and your imaginations – are the only limits! Then, towards the end of their performance, you can have them direct your guests onto the floor to get in on the fun! Once all – or almost all- of your guests are on the dance floor, your amazing DJ can keep them there with some impeccable beats! Voila, party started, and on a high note!