We know it’s both incredibly exciting, as well as a little overwhelming to plan your wedding! It can be tempting to rush through the process of hiring your wedding vendors, just to secure your date. But, you really don’t want just anybody to provide services on one of the biggest days of your life together! You want to find qualified professionals who really get who you are as a couple, and the vibe you want to create for your wedding day.

So, we’ve put together 5 tips (or guiding principles if you will) to use to help pick and hire your wedding vendors. 

Overflowing With Gratitude

You want to hire wedding professionals that understand that it’s an honor to be chosen to be part of a couple’s celebration, and who treat that honor with respect! You also want to hire wedding professionals that feel grateful to be a part of the industry, and realize that it’s a privilege to have a vocation that helps people celebrate life, love and family.

Always Learning

You want wedding vendors that stay on top of industry trends, are always learning new ways to improve the service they provide and the rapport they have with their clients, and who aren’t too proud to admit that there is always more to learn! In other words, you want your wedding vendors to operate from a growth mindset! 

 “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities

 can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent 

are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and 

a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” – Carol Dweck

Takes Responsibility

You want to hire wedding professionals that take responsibility for their actions, and who don’t assign blame when or if problems arise. To that end, taking responsibility requires the realization that we all play a part in every situation or experience and therefore, we have some degree of responsibility over the outcomes or consequences. It also means that the first reaction when a mistake is made or a conflict arises, shouldn’t be to blame others, make excuses, twist the facts, or flat out lie. Instead, it’s important to swiftly acknowledge there is a problem, identify your possible role in it, and implement an action plan to minimize (or entirely eliminate) the chances of it happening again.

Honors Your Time

Planning a wedding is a huge commitment, and will require a lot of your time in the next 6 months to a year (or longer). So you want to hire wedding professionals that understand that your time (and theirs) is precious and should be spent wisely. Some clues to weather or not your prospective wedding vendors value you time are: They start and end meetings on time, they state the amount of time that they will need from you (and stick to it), they’ll let you know is something unforeseen has come up and they are running behind schedule, they will cancel or reschedule meetings with lots of advance notice (when possible), and last but not least, when you’re together they will give you their undivided attention. 

Has Good Vibes

This last tip might seem a bit funny, as ‘good vibes’ are kind of an intangible concept, but trust your gut on this one. If you feel like your prospective wedding professionals don’t live up to the baseline of gratitude, growth, accountability and recognition of your time, and you feel a lack of authenticity in your interactions with them, then they’re probably not the wedding vendors you should hire! After all, you are bringing people into one of the most intimate and special days of your lives together! You need to feel like your vendors really ‘get’ you and have your best interests at heart!