While it might be too late to plan for a winter wedding this year, it’s just the right time to start planning your Winter 2023 Wedding! 

I know that most people think of the summer and early fall as prime wedding season, but winter weddings really have a lot going for them! It’s true! Yes, we know that summer weddings are stunning, but there really are a few downsides to consider when getting married at the height of summer! 

But, when you plan a winter wedding, you can avoid all of those downsides and get stunning snowy wedding photos, featuring holiday-themed wedding decorations, and more. But, if you’re not convinced, keep reading, because being a winter bride or groom is basically the best!

Reasons to get married in the winter…

Less Stress

One thing about winter weddings is the lack of stress about the weather since they do tend to take place inside. Whereas planning a wedding in the summer, the risk of rain, hail, wind and extreme heat can make the planning period stressful and potentially costly if you need to add a tent, or have a whole (weather related) back-up plan in place.

More Venue Date Availability and Better Rates

Most venues and vendors book up all their prime weekend spots quickly during the summer months, and they often come with a large price tag, whereas those same locations and vendors might be available for a lower price during the winter months of the shoulder season or off-season. Because the winter months aren’t as busy as others, the venue will also be able to focus more attention on your big day.

Bonus Decorations!

Although the festive time of year might not be the reason you chose a winter wedding, there are many benefits to a celebration aligned with the holiday season. It’s very likely that any venue you choose will already be decorated for the holiday season adding an even more celebratory feel to your special day. This is a huge bonus, because really, who doesn’t like twinkle lights?!

No Summer Wedding Season Fatigue

The spring and summer months can get so jam-packed with weddings that your family, friends, and guests can start to get a serious case of wedding celebration fatigue. Not to mention the cost of attending numerous weddings over the summer! 

But, a December, January, February, or March wedding is likely to be the only one your guests attend that season (unless of course, you’re living in the deep south or somewhere very warm), which makes it something that people will really look forward to. 

Something a Little Different

From your color palette to flowers, there are many elements of the season to inspire your theme! Meaning that your wedding decor will likely stand out in your guests memories, in a sea of peonies and summer brights. You can embrace the season even further by throwing cozy blankets over guests’ chairs, keeping them warm by serving a hot signature cocktail, like a rum toddy, cider or mulled wine, or even embracing nordic vibes by having an outdoor space available to your guests that includes patio heaters, fireplaces and cozy sheepskin rugs to sit on!

It’s the Best Weather for Black Tie Events

Really! If you’re planning a formal wedding, you can bet you’ll hear much less complaining from your wedding party and guests in black-tie attire when it’s cold outside. Tuxedos really aren’t meant for outdoor ceremonies and cocktail hours in the blazing heat of the summer, however, they are definitely the perfect choice for indoor winter weddings!

You Won’t Be a Hot and Sweaty Mess

Some people really don’t deal well in the heat! The heat simply makes them irritated, cranky, and not to mention, a sweaty mess. If that’s you, or your loved ones, it might be best to embrace a winter wedding! Because, when it comes to weather, you can always add layers to combat the cold, but in the hotter months, well, there’s only so much you can take off and still be wedding (or publicly) appropriate.

Stunning and Magical Snowy Wedding Photos

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a sprinkling of snow ahead of or on your big day, your photographer can capture some absolutely stunning snowy wedding photos that’ll rival any sun-drenched summer photo!