So, you’re engaged and are in the process of planning your wedding! Congratulations! 

Now onto the next question… Do you have to have a photo booth at your wedding? Or would you rather do without?! When your budget is set and the reality of the myriad costs of wedding planning start to set in, does hiring a photo booth for your reception end up on the list of “things to cut to save money”?

If you answered, “Heck, no!”, keep on reading for some of the reasons why you made the right choice! And, if you answered “Heck, yes!” to this question, I’d also like you to take a few minutes to read this post. It’s full of reasons why you should absolutely hire a professional photo booth for your wedding!

Once you’re done reading and are totally convinced that you need to hire a photo booth for your wedding, please reach out! We’ll be thrilled to hear from you! I mean, we know that you probably already hired your photographer (and like a videographer) for your big celebration, but we’re convinced that you can never have too many ways to capture your big day! 

We are of course completely biased, but in our extensive experience in the industry, we’ve seen firsthand that hiring a photo booth is totally worth it and in the long run, it’s never a waste of money! Here are 3 reasons why a photo booth plays an awesome and necessary role at your wedding!

Photo Booth Prints As Wedding Favors

Think about some of the weddings you’ve been to recently. Have you kept the favors you’ve received from the last weddings you’ve attended? We know from experience that they’re often left laying on the tables at the reception, or left behind at the hotel. In that spirit, if you’re choosing between favors or a photo booth; instead of going to the trouble of making and handing out a plant, homemade jam, or personalized candle holder, seriously think about giving your guests a photo booth experience! The prints that your guests receive can take the place of regular wedding favors, and better yet, they can be shared online, framed, and most importantly, kept forever!

Replace Your Traditional Guest Book

Having your guests pose for photos then write notes in a photo guestbook, will make your guest book so much more personalized and fun! And, truly, as the years go by, and you get further out from your wedding, those heartfelt or hilarious messages and photos will only increase in value exponentially! You’re going to love to see the faces of the guests you invited to celebrate with you, next to heartfelt messages from them! We also almost guarantee that if you have newly engaged couples attending your wedding, they’re likely to seriously contemplate hiring a photo booth for their big day! Especially once they see how much fun all your guests are having!

Photo Booths Are Good For Kids of All Ages!

Is your wedding going to be a true family affair, with lots of kids in the mix? Is your wedding guest list comprised of many different friend groups or social circles? Or, do you have several aunties and uncles or grandparents that have long since hung up their dancing shoes? 

In our experience… not every guest at your wedding – no matter how bumping the dance floor –  is going to get up and boogie down! So, a photo booth is a great idea, as a fun, alternative activity at your reception! 

Truly, people of all ages and sensibilities get into the idea – sometimes with a little persuading – of playing with props, using cute photo booth signs and taking photos! Seriously, put out a table of goofy props and suddenly you see a different side of people! And, a photo of serious Aunt Edna in a bowler hat and feather boa, holding a goofy sign? Priceless, and not likely to be caught by the wedding photographer! 

Final Note…

If this article confirmed your ideas about hiring a photo booth for your wedding, or has finally convinced you that you NEED to have a photo booth at your wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch! The wonderful people at Snapshot Photo Booth Rental, a division of SCE Event Group can’t wait to hear from you!