If you are looking to have a fun new enhancement at your upcoming wedding celebration the team at SCE Event Group has you covered with the all-new 360 slow-motion video booth experience.  The 360 video booth or spin booth experience is not new to SCE Event Group, but we recently remixed our 360 video experience/. The 360 booth experience can now produce videos instantly, and these videos can be fit into a number of video formats.  The video file is recorded in super crisp high-resolution videos.  The video files can also be branded to include your monogram or logo file.  The videos can include some effects and can be created to look super cool.


We have done the 360 video booth for so many awesome companies, sports teams like the Philadelphia Eagles, celebrity clients like Martha Stewart and so many wedding families all over the northeast.

These videos can be shared immediately and look incredible on social media too!

The SCE Event Group 360 Spinbooth experience comes with 3 trained attendants, and all of the needed equipment to make sure the experience runs smoothly for the entirety of your party.  The 360 video booth is a great option for weddings, holiday events, corporate galas, and other life events and parties.

If you would like to get information on pricing, availability, and booking information, please consider contacting the SCE Event Group office at 888-278-0900.