The SCE Event Group is now proudly offering Safe indoor spark fountains at Weddings, Parties, and Events in the New Jersey, New York and Phildelphia areas. This new offering by the NJ Based SCE Event Group could be the perfect complement any wedding, party or event.  The spark fountain technology used by the SCE Event Group is newly available to the marketplace and is a refreshing alternative to the traditional pyro based solution used before 2017 at events.   SCE’s spark fountain solution is a way to add a dramatic impact to any milestone moment of any event – and if you take a look at the awesome in the photos or video below you will see exactly what we mean. 

Offered by the SCE Event Group in increments of 2 with a maximum of 12 units  – this cost effective and safe pyro effect has created an incredible buzz in the New Jersey Wedding and Party market.  If you are interested in obtaining a quotation on the spark units for your upcoming event or celebration, please contact the SCE Event Group.

Check out this video of Jason Jani of the SCE Event Group talking about the Safe indoor Spark Fountains

The technology itself is incredible and replaces a traditional spark fountain display that typically burns at twelve hundred (1200+) plus degrees, by creating a cold spark that produces the effect at the temperature of sixty-two degrees. There are numerous benefits of these new spark units – like the ability to control the height, duration and pattern of the spark fountains with the units technician utilizing a special control box.  The sparks generated by the units produce no smoke, do not cause any smell and are completely non-toxic.  The units are controlled by a professionally trained SCE technician that has been certified by the manufacturer of the units and has undergone extensive safety training for operation.  Speaking of certification, the units owned and operated by SCE have been certified by the CSA organization, and this is important for insurance reasons and piece of mind for the safety of the guests in attendace and venue itself (there also is a knock off brand or two on the market that has not gone through the extensive government controlled process). 

If you are interested in incorporating these incredibly cool atmosphere effects at your upcoming wedding, party or event, please complete the contact us form on the SCE site or CALL US at 888-278-0900.