There are so many details to plan for when it comes to your big day, and you could say that the first dance is the last of the formal details, before the party really starts. But, if you’re someone who prefers to live ‘out-of-the-spotlight’, sometimes the thought of getting up on the dance floor in front of all your guests is anxiety inducing!

After all, everyone’s eyes are on you for the whole event. Especially when you’re saying your vows then of course, for the first dance! But, we’re here to tell you that doing your first dance doesn’t have to be scary, even if you’re feeling a little nervous about it now! 

With these tips, you will be able to relax and enjoy the moment, so that you can let loose and grace the dance floor with a moment you’ll cherish forever.

A Deeply Meaningful Song is a Must!

Picking a song that has significance to you as a couple can help calm those ‘all-eyes-on-you’ nerves. When you hear the first refrain, it can take you to a place that blocks out all of the eyes on you, and makes you focus only on your new spouse! Kind of like a scene in a romantic movie, when the couple is suddenly caught up in a moment and everything else fades away. So, we advise you to pick a song that makes you and your partner swoon a little. 

Consider the Song Length

As much as you may love certain songs, length is an important consideration when picking a first dance song. And if you are feeling nervous, a 3 minute song is much less intimidating than a 6 minute song! And, if it is choreographed, it won’t feel like you are just filing time with a little side to side shuffle. To gauge your comfort level with song length, we encourage you and your partner and dance to a couple of songs that you are deciding between and see how you feel dancing together through it.

Practice… But Not too Much

If you and your sweetheart opt to go for a choreographed dance? Practice, certainly. But not too much! Overdoing might backfire and actually make you feel more nervous because you’re going to try and get it just right. Of course, you want your first dance to be great, but perfect isn’t necessary, and a little bit of naturalness goes a long way! We also guarantee that you’ll have more fun if you don’t stress too much about the outcome! Everyone is going to think your dance was perfect anyway!

Savor Your Moment

After all, what really matters most is the person standing in front of you. So, do your best to focus on your new spouse and let the rest of the world fall away, and the dance will take care of itself! And, remember, your nearest and dearest, didn’t really come to see your dance skills, they’re here to witness and celebrate the love between you and your new spouse!