Accessible {ak-ses-uh-buhl}, adjective: easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use. And, suitable for differently abled people to reach, enter, or use, as a result of design.

Why exactly is it important to be accessible and inclusive, especially when hosting events for people who might require accommodations or adaptations to make the experience available and fun for them?

Well, the most important reason we can think of is that you want your guests to feel welcomed, respected and accepted in the event space! And, the best thing is that, if you do it properly, all of the above will be communicated to your guests without you saying a thing!. In our opinion, your guests’ physical abilities should always be a consideration when planning, as making an event more accessible is good for everyone!

Your Responsibilities as Host

  1. As an event host it is your responsibility to make sure the physical experience of guests at your event is accounted for. For example: Is the photo booth camera height adjustable to accommodate various mobility needs and aids? Will all the cords be taped down to eliminate a tripping hazard? Will there be enough room to safely move around in the space using mobility aids? Are there proper access ramps into and out of the event and the photo booth space?
  2.  Further to that, you should discuss the backdrop and prop theme with your photo booth provider before your event. That way your experience can be customized to you; meaning, you could have a rainbow backdrop for a pride event, a custom made step and repeat banner for a charity fundraiser or gala, or maybe a set of non-binary or LGTBQ+ signs and props provided for the photo booth.
  3. Next up, ask event staff and vendors to avoid binary language like Ma’am and Sir, ladies and gentlemen, she/he and have them use neutral terms like beautiful people, folks, honored guests, they/them. The right language can go a long way to making people feel accepted and included! This change is easy to do, it doesn’t imply anything about anyone, and most importantly doesn’t take away from anyone’s experience! It’s what you call a win-win-win! 

Everyone Should Feel Welcome at Your Event!

Full! Stop! We believe that everyone should get the opportunity to enjoy themselves at a party! After all, people living with disabilities, those who have suffered discrimination, those of us who have been or are currently disadvantaged, deserve to be considered/accommodated, included and treated with respect! 

The truth is, everyone is different in the way we all need unique (physical, intellectual, spiritual or emotional) accommodations in our everyday lives to allow us to feel supported and valued and included. Needing support to thrive doesn’t make anyone too much, it simply makes us human beings, and that care and consideration can and should extend to experiences like weddings, parties and corporate events! After all, our differences are a big part of what makes us special!