How do you ensure that the photo booth gets the attention you know it deserves at your wedding? And what steps can you take to make the most out of your booking with one of our photo booths?

Well, don’t worry, just keep reading, as we happen to have quite extensive experience in the matter! And, we’re more than willing to share all the tips and tricks we’ve learned about what works best! So whether you’re getting married in North NJ, South NJ, Central NJ, or on the beautiful Jersey Shore we’re ready to help you make the most of the photo booth experience!

Location, Location, Location!

When it comes to maximizing the potential of your photo booth, location is truly everything! If your booth gets tucked away in a corner, where no one can see it, it may go unused, and that would be a terrible shame! 

While you certainly don’t want your photo booth to upstage the other important elements at your wedding reception, your booth should be clearly visible to you guests when they arrive! That helps to ensure that it will be high priority on their list of activities for the evening! And, that’s even before they get a sneak peek at what is in the prop box! Another important tip when it comes to booth location, you should try if at all possible to have the booth in the main reception space, and if not possible, beside the bar (if it is out of the room), or in your pre-reception cocktail space are great choices!

Timing is Everything!

In our experience, we’ve found the timing/timeline to be extremely important if you want your guests to take full advantage of your photo booth!

Remember, the majority of rentals are for approximately 3-4 hours (but are available for the duration of your event if you prefer), so to make the most of your time with your photo booth, schedule it during what is prime-picture-taking time! This is often after guests have had a chance to have a snack and a drink or two, and have caught up with other guests, broken the ice, and loosened up a bit!

Cocktail hour photo booths are always great for this, but in our experience there’s typically no need to run the booth during dinner time, especially if you’re having a plated sit-down dinner. Instead an option available to you is adding in some photo booth downtime over dinner, or simply using all your photo booth booking time after the more formal part of the evening is finished.

The second crucial time for the booth to be open is directly after dinner, speeches and, of course,  the first dance! After sitting for a while during dinner, your guests will be eager to get up and shake loose, and maybe refresh their cocktail now that all the formal parts of the evening are done! And, as a final note on timing,  it’s best to take advantage of the booth while the youngest and oldest guests are still there and in a festive mood! 

Keep Your Guests in the Loop!

Often all it takes are a couple of groups of outgoing guests to hop into the booth, and the rest of your guests will happily follow suit. You can also enlist the bridesmaids and groomsmen to help get the party started by getting in the booth! Supporting you and helping keep the party going are a part of their job after all, and this will also ensure that you get informal photos of your bridal party, to go along with all the more formal shots from your photographer. Generally it just takes a few groups and sessions to show the rest of the guests how much fun the booth is, then they’ll all be clamoring for their chance!

But, the best thing you can do in this regard is to get your DJ & MC to call attention to the photo booth with a few well timed announcements, and maybe a reminder or two throughout your booking time! Most MC’s & DJ’s know that there will be a few things they will need to address for the guests, so don’t feel bad asking them to point out your amazing photo booth! After all, they’re there to help you achieve the wedding reception you’ve always dreamed about!