Here at SCE, we’re proud to announce that our Fearless Founder and Entertainer Extraordinaire, Jason Jani, is back once again as a WeddingPro Educator for 2023!  

WeddingPro is an amazing resource and tool for event professionals, offering a diverse collection of exceptional professionals from all across the country. WeddingPro is on a mission to empower local wedding professionals and elevate the entire industry through actionable and thought-provoking education and local wedding community development. And, you know the saying:

“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” – Aristotle

Because can you really say that you understand something, unless you can teach it simply,  effectively and dynamically to someone else?! Well, lucky for us here at the SCE Event Group, the greater NY &  NJ event industry, and thousands of happy clients can attest, Jason Jani can do both exceptionally well!

Looking back at his roots, Jason founded SCE Event Group in 2009 and has since established an incredible resume not only as an exceptional performer, also as a respected industry influencer, and industry educator.  Since day one of SCE, Jason Jani has harnessed innovation, pushed boundaries with modern events and concepts, and has continuously set new standards in the private event entertainment world.  

What makes Jason Jani so unique is his ability to connect old to new while blurring the lines between club and private event worlds with a unique fusion of talent, music programming knowledge, and mind-blowing technical production. A big part of what gives Jason his ability to evolve and change with the times, is embracing a growth mindset; meaning,  being willing and open to taking in new information and continuously learning through life. Which brings us around to our next point: 

“While we teach, we learn”  – Seneca

In short, you’re never done learning, even a master or teacher must stay open to new information and experiences. Jason Jani, and all of us at SCE Event Group fully embrace this forward facing, growth mindset, and have been using it for almost 15 years to produce a large number of the most amazing and memorable event entertainment experiences the NY & NJ areas have ever seen!

In fact, we got our start by choosing to go out there and do something different. We did away with what we saw as outdated techniques, cheesy interactive skits and games, pre-made (generic) playlists, and cheap and tacky blow-up props. We wanted to go for a boutique or bespoke DJ approach, and we were among the first to make it happen. 

Every event and group is unique. That’s something you learn when you’ve done as many successful weddings, nightclubs, and other event types as we have at SCE. We also know that your event should be a unique experience that reflects and celebrates your personal style, tastes, and preferences. We always want it to be absolutely, undeniably, 100% perfect. And, we bring the same passion to the industry education  opportunities we offer through WeddingPro. 

So, be sure to follow @weddingpro because Jason Jani and SCE will be sharing our insights and expertise there all year long; in webinars, speaking engagements, blog posts and more!