With the continued easing of Covid-19 restrictions, weddings are beginning to look a lot more like their pre-Covid counterparts. But what’s changed over the last 2 years!? Well, for starters, couples are suddenly much more aware how precious time with family members and friends is, and they want their weddings to be a celebration of this togetherness. As such, couples in 2022 are looking for ways to create a day that’s highly unique, creative, personal and fun! Many couples have been featuring standout, unexpected elements to charm their guests and create a truly memorable, personal experience that will be remembered for many years to come!

Garden Party Weddings

There has been a dramatic increase in weddings at venues with private, some might say enchanted’ gardens! Many couples have embraced the outdoor wedding trend over the last two years, and this summer is no exception. This summer wedding season is sure to feature many weddings in exquisite greenery-filled outdoor spaces. Outdoor/garden weddings do involve a higher degree of planning and are of course more weather dependent, but, they also provide a unique opportunity to exert greater control over the look, feel and flow of the day, and – if you’re lucky- go on partying as late as you like!

Weekday Weddings

There were so many Covid postponements in the 2020 and 2021 wedding seasons, so that means there’s a huge surplus of weddings in the 2022 season, and we couldn’t be happier! All of that means a lot less weekend availability at most of the venues in the area. So… why not tie the knot on a weekday?! While it’s true that weekday weddings require a little more effort from your guests, many couples have been happy to reap the benefits, which often include cheaper rates and better availability in terms of venues and vendors. Just be sure to give lots of lead time for people to book time off of work!

Destination Style Weddings

Close to Home: Many couples have dreamed of a destination wedding, but are still hesitant to plan one due to the continuing uncertainty around travel, and want to take their guests’ travel comfort level into account while planning their big day. You’ll be relieved to hear that you can create the look and feel (but, maybe not the weather!) of a wedding abroad in a venue right in your own backyard! From luscious Tuscany inspired weddings, to Moroccan lounge weddings, to Ibiza ultra-glam weddings, couples are embracing the challenge of recreating some of the magic and experience of a destination wedding. They are working with their planners to create authentic, immersive and transformative experiences for their guests, with the addition of world-inspired menus, fabrics, music, scents, and flowers. Sounds dreamy!