There’s no denying that music is an important part of any wedding or important celebration. And, one of the most common mistakes made is having a wedding reception that only includes one particular music genre. 

But, here at SCE Event Group we believe that It’s vital that your wedding playlist features a large variety of genres and artists! No matter whether you prefer pop, rock, country, rap or anything you can think of in between. If you don’t include variety in your playlist, then your guests could find themselves feeling a little left out of the celebration. 

It’s Your Day, But it’s Not Just About You!

We get it! You and your fiance have been thinking about and planning for this day for so long, and it is a celebration of your love and and new life together, but, it also important to think about your friends, family and loved ones, and what will help make your celebration an amazing experience for them as well as yourselves. 

Dance With Your Parents and Grandparents!

We know that there’s a lot going on on your wedding day, and we don’t want to add to your stress, but think about picking a couple of your parents or grandparents favorite songs to include in your wedding playlist. After all, it’s an exceedingly rare experience to have this many of your nearest and dearest under one roof, and this particular collection of people might never happen again! 

So, do yourself a favor and get out on the dance floor and boogie down with your parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents! And, if possible, as your photographer to capture the moment, so that you can cherish it forever! Those sorts of photos only appreciate in value over time, and many of your most cherished loved ones might be getting older, so embrace the moment and take a spin around the dance floor with your Nana’s and Nono’s!

Relive Your Formative Years!

It’s always a good idea to play a few of the party anthems that were big during your teenage years, into college and beyond! From our experience, they tend to fill the dance floor and get the party bumpin’. It’s also a good idea to play a few of the songs that have significance to your and your fiance. Maybe that means doing your first dance to the first slow song you ever danced to, or what happened to be playing in the background when you first said “I love you.”