According to a worldwide survey, around 82 percent of weddings set to take place in April 2020 were postponed. While the COVID-19 pandemic forced couples across the world to waylay their marital plans, a whole new style of celebration was born for the folks who simply couldn’t wait: the virtual wedding. At SCE Event Group, we’ve hosted our fair share of remote celebrations in the last two years. Seeing as we’re basically experts in the area, here’s a little guide on how to plan and rock a virtual wedding! 

1. Hire SCE

The first step for planning your virtual wedding is kind of a no-brainer: hire SCE Event Group. As your one-stop shop for DJing, event enhancements and photo booth services, we can tailor our offerings to fit your big day. Planning an in-person, virtual or an in-person/virtual hybrid celebration? We have the experience, creativity and resources to make it happen. 

2. Choose Your Venue Wisely

Our next piece of advice for the virtual wedding planner is to choose your venue wisely. Whether you’re hosting an intimate backyard wedding or a massive banger, make sure the space you choose has proper reception and WIFI capabilities. Visit the venue ahead of time to get a better understanding of their virtual services. Notify them of your unique plans and see if you can coordinate with their management team in advance! 

3. Hire a Great Wedding Photographer 

Sure, your virtual wedding might not be the most conventional, but that makes it all the more memorable! Spend some time researching industry photographers and videographers who have experience capturing unique, virtual events so that your day can be properly documented. 

4. Live-Stream Everything 

Give your virtual guests an authentic, in-person experience by bringing the party to their televisions! You can work with us at SCE Event Group to set up devices at various vantage points and stream everything: the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, dances, toasts and speeches. The more camera angles, the more interactive and enjoyable for your long-distance guests. 

At a recent wedding, our bride’s father was on lockdown in New Zealand and couldn’t attend his own daughter’s big day. We worked with the bride and her father to coordinate a live-stream so that he could be included in all of the festivities. The results were nothing short of amazing. With the help of an immersive stereo system and broadcast streaming tools, it felt like the remote guests were right there at the party with us. Check out the video below for a little glimpse of this unique wedding! 

5. Don’t Skip the Dancing 

We all know that dancing is the best part about pretty much any wedding… Just because yours is virtual doesn’t mean you have to miss out! At SCE, we’ve hosted enough live-stream celebrations to know that anything is possible, including a dance party. Make sure you have a camera or two pointed at the dance floor so virtual guests are in on the action. They can have their own little dance parties right in their living rooms! 

At SCE Event Group, we can adapt to nearly any hurdle, including a global pandemic. To learn more about our services and how we can help you plan your virtual wedding, contact us at (888) 278-0900.