Once you have exchanged your and the ceremony is over, it’s time for you and your brand-new spouse to kick back, celebrate and enjoy the day with your loved ones at your reception. After all, the official business is over, and you’re actually married now! Say what?!?

And, for such a momentous event, it’s of the utmost importance to find a setting that supports your reception vision and creates the ambience you’re going for. With that in mind, have you thought about hosting your celebration in one of the most popular and versatile wedding venues around… A Ballroom!

Ballrooms are often located inside hotels, chateaus, castles, mansions or other event centers, and choosing one of these incredible spaces for your reception will come with a great deal of built-in benefits. One of the main benefits is that you won’t have to worry about arranging a backup plan to accommodate potential weather situations like you would with an outdoor wedding. Ballroom packages also typically include a number of cost saving amenities for the price, such as tables, chairs, and other necessary rentals. As well as often offering in-house catering. Plus, many of them beautifully ornate architectural elements that will add some flair to your celebration!

Enhance What’s Already There!

Instead of hiding the design elements that already exist within the space, why not make them a party of the theme or decor? Think tall & ornate ceilings, carvings and extensive wood paneling on the walls or ceilings, grand chandeliers, lavish curtains and gorgeous mirrors or fireplaces! And, as a bonus, with a setting this beautiful and full of charm, you will require less decor to achieve peak wedding vibes!

Create Dramatic Installations

Since most ballrooms have very high ceilings, there are often opportunities to produce tall and eye-catching installations. This will allow you to direct your guests’ gazes up by suspending lanterns, disco balls, greenery or vibrant flowers from above! Creating a hanging installation like this one is especially useful if you aren’t a huge fan of the light fixtures in the space.

Embrace The Color Palette Of The Venue

When it comes to color palette inspiration, your wedding venue is one of the best sources! This will also simplify your decor plans if your ballroom of choice features distinct shades and decor elements. You can lean on these facets of design and decor to help inform the rest of your reception design. Meaning, an art deco space will lend itself perfectly to a roaring twenties themed event, heavy on the gold & black and over the top decor accents. While a French chateau style ballroom will lend itself to more classic and modest design elements.

Incorporate Ultra Tall Centerpieces

If you aren’t planning on incorporating a dramatic ceiling installation into your ballroom reception, you can still take advantage of the soaring ceilings, and create visual interest with tall centerpieces. But, to ensure your centerpieces are the standout design element in the room, keep the other table items to a minimum so they don’t clash or create visual clutter.

Utilize Drapes and Drapery Panels

Not only can you use drapery to conceal wallpaper or other design elements that you don’t love, you can also use it to frame important details, or draw your guests’ eyes to important design features and other party elements. Such as the head table, cake table, bar, dessert buffet or stage. Also fabric can create a cozy and intimate feel, in what are typically very large spaces