After you’ve spent countless hours planning out every little detail of your wedding, it feels reasonable to think that everything is going to be flawless! But, unfortunately, sometimes things don’t always work out the way we’ve planned, and the emotional stakes at weddings are particularly high!

But in our experience, the truth is that there is no such thing as a “perfect” wedding! After all, you and your fiancé will never be able to control every single aspect of how the actual day will unfold, meaning that even the most organized events may encounter a few bumps in the road. But, a couple of bumps along the way doesn’t need to derail the entire day!

The best thing you can do when coming up against a wedding day snafu, is to remain composed and speak calmly. The moment may already be charged with feeling, and getting swept away in the emotion of the moment will not help you to find a solution. Instead you want to focus on seeking out family, friends, members of the wedding party, onsite vendors or venue staff to help you find a solution to your problem. 

After all, professional vendors are experienced and equipped to defuse disasters and find a solution before the problem will affect the wedding! Here’s how to diffuse some of the most common mishaps encountered at weddings!

You’ve Planned An Outdoor Ceremony, And Now It’s Pouring Rain

If you’re hoping for an outdoor ceremony then generally the hard work of forming a back-up plan is done by the venue on your behalf. The majority of wedding venues also have indoor spaces, or alternate plans for moving the ceremony at short notice.

If however, you’ve opted for a venue with outdoor only options, then the venue (or wedding planner) will often have gazebos or tents that can go up quickly as needed, or have a stash of umbrellas for your guests to use! Remember, a fine mist or drizzle is probably okay (for everyone but your DJ or String Quartet), and isn’t likely to be seen in photos.

You’re Hosting A Outdoor Wedding, And Now It’s Scorching Hot

Our first recommendation in case of a heatwave, is to bring in extra bottles of water and plenty of alcohol free refreshments for your guests to enjoy, from the time they arrive, until they depart! The last thing you want is your big day being cut short, because guests are wilting in the heat, or worse, developing heat exhaustion. 

Think, giant tubs or coolers overflowing with bottled water, soda and ice, or big dispensers full of lemonade, iced tea or fruit infused water, or a visit from an ice cream truck or popsicle stand in between the ceremony and reception, or as part of the festivities during the dance. 

Another idea is to buy foldable fans, and get your ushers to hand them out when guests arrive for your ceremony, or supply a stash of small parasols to offer the guests some shade.

Oh No! My Wedding Dress Just Ripped!

Imagine that you’re getting your dress on right before the ceremony and you suddenly hear a loud rip or the zipper breaks! Don’t panic! In our experience guests expect the ceremony to run a little late, which will likely give you enough time to come up with a solution!

First things first, be sure to pack a sewing kit as part of your emergency supplies, and you might want to put your own little kit together with a roll of all purpose thread that matches your dress, a pair of scissors, a selection of needles, and maybe even a few different fasteners that match or complement your dress. 

Also, remember that it’s not just brides who are victims of rips and tears, grooms have also been known to split their pants or have wardrobe malfunctions from time to time, as are members of the wedding party and honored guests. 

So, when you’re picking your wedding day attire, make sure you choose it in your actual size, and purchase it from reputable designers and stores that are known for quality. And, if you do have alterations made, hire a reliable seamstress with excellent reviews, then ask for as many fittings as you need to feel truly comfortable.

Awkward Family Drama, yikes!

First things first, all families have unique dynamics, and are prone to some ‘drama’ from time to time. That being said, it is important to be upfront and honest with your wedding planner or venue coordinator about any sticky family dynamics or issues that may arise so they can do their best to diffuse the tension, and ensure it doesn’t spill over and affect the wedding.

This might also involve taking the time to have separate conversations with both sets of parents, siblings, etc. in advance. During which you can let them know where they will be seated for the wedding ceremony and reception and the expectations of them on your big day. That way everyone is fully aware of where they need to be and has time to get comfortable with the decisions that have been made. And, when it comes time for family photos, work with your photographer to ensure that everyone (including recently divorced parents of the couple) has an enjoyable photography experience… This may include planning a more set timeline/order for your formal family photos.

Cringey Or Long-winded Speeches & Toasts

While it’s typical for the emcee to give a welcome toast, along with speeches from the maid/matron of honor, the best man, the parents of both the newlyweds, and of course, you, the newlyweds, it best to give them all a little direction along the way, and to seek out some advice on speech writing for yourselves!

A few basic tips are: give them a time limit that is definitely less than five minutes, make sure to discuss your expectations regarding the subject matter of the speech, and the acceptable language to be used in the speeches.

It’s also important to let whoever is emceeing your wedding know your expectations about spur-of-the-moment toasts. That way, if others inquire about speaking, your emcee can politely let them know that though you are honored, you don’t want the evening to turn into a free-for-all, and you want to keep the formal portion of your wedding brief, so you can get to the party!