We know that in the past, flower girls and ring bearers were typically children under the age of nine or ten, we’ve been seeing a trend in weddings of adult flower girls/ring bearers. We’ve seen flower bros, flower grannies, canine ring bears, you name it, we’ve probably seen it!

It’s certainly a fun twist on the (possibly outdated) traditional wedding party roles, and can sure make for some fun memories and moments of levity in your wedding day, not to mention all the Reels, TikToks or footage there will be for your videographer. But, is it appropriate from a wedding etiquette perspective?! 

What Does an Adult Flower Person or Ring Bearer Do Anyway?

The adult flower person or ring bearer is considered a member of the bridal party, along with the maid of honor, the bridesmaids and the groomsman. There may be only one flower person and one ring bearer or several. Typically,  many couples only embrace the unconventional approach if there aren’t any young children in their life who can or want to fill the role.

And, when it comes to the wedding day, just like a child flower girl/ring bearer, their role is pretty simple. During the processional, the flower person will walk down the aisle right before the bride, throwing flower petals and maybe some biodegradable glitter! After that, the adult flower person may choose to stand at the altar with the rest of the wedding party or to simply take a seat in the front row for the rest of the ceremony.

As for the Adult or unconventional ring bearer, their role tends to entail keeping the rings safe until the ceremony, and walking up the aisle to present the rings to the officiant, before the vows are exchanged. And, if you’re using your furry best bud as a ring bearer for your big day, there are special ring pillows or collars available for the occasion! 

Who Can Be an Adult Flower Person or Ring Bearer?

Having an adult perform the role of flower girl or ring bearer is always unexpected, and has a way of eliciting a great deal of smiles and chuckles from the other wedding guests. We’ve even seen couples opt to have both of their grandmothers or great grandmothers serve as flower girls, as a way to give them a sweet and special role in your big day. We’ve also seen bridesmaids and groomsmen acting as flower girls/ring bearers during the processional. 

Otherwise, the role of an adult flower person or ring bearer could be given to a willing close friend or family member who may like to be, but isn’t currently a part of the wedding party. However, when it comes to asking a loved one to be an adult flower person or ring bearer, we recommend considering how you will broach the subject, as some adults may take a little offense to being handed a role normally reserved for a young child! But, many people will love the idea and eagerly (and dramatically) take on the role! But, your furry best friend won’t need any convincing, just treats will be enough incentive!

What Does an Adult Flower Person or Ring Bearer Wear?

You probably shouldn’t expect (or want) your grown-up flower person or ring bearer to wear the same outfit a child would wear. So, if your adult flower person or ring bearer is already in the wedding party, they should simply wear their wedding attire, but might want to accessorize with a flower crown, or other fun accessory/prop to make them stand out from the group! But, If your adult flower person or ring bearer isn’t already a member of the wedding party, you should let them choose their own attire in the wedding colors so they’ll still feel like part of the crew. And if your Grandma’s are acting as your flower girls, they should wear whatever makes them feel comfortable, confident and beautiful on the big day!