At SCE Event Group we pride ourselves on giving you a truly extraordinary and highly customized wedding experience! We believe that your wedding celebration should be just as unique and special as your love story; after all, who wants their wedding to fit in, when it should stand out?!

 Over the years, we’ve seen a whole lot of New Jersey weddings, and we’ve heard a ton of New Jersey DJs! So armed with all that knowledge, experience and industry connections to create a new kind of wedding entertainment company! Something unique, vibrant and amazing

So let’s start with the philosophy behind (and vision statement for) SCE Event Group:

“We make awesome weddings for awesome people.” – SCE

It’s a Calling, Not a Job

Here at SCE Event Group, we absolutely love what we do! In fact, passion is a prerequisite for all the Career Entertainment Professionals who work with SCE!  And, our calling is to be the best wedding DJs. Period.

So, one word you’ll never see describing SCE Event Group is “cheesy.” Meaning that we take a modern, boutique-style (bespoke, if you will) approach to DJing weddings. That means we always adjust how we use our talent, our services, and everything we do to perfectly fit the needs of your wedding! So, nothing is cookie cutter, nothing is basic, and you always have the ability to customize everything we do in order to create the ‘just-so’ vibe at your celebration!

Wedding Entertainment Investment

SCE offers different pricing options which are based on each Career Entertainment Professionals expertise and demand, as well as current booking availability, so pricing for event entertainment can vary dramatically! Just like anything else you might purchase; whether it’s a meal at a cool new restaurant, a new lavish suit or dress, or even a new car… Your wants, needs and budget will reflect the price you pay. 

And, we are a service business, and although many companies in our industry may have similarly titled options or offerings, if you do your homework, you will discover that there is a difference. A big difference. The costs for all these services and experiences will (of course) vary from company to company and from professional to professional, based on the quality, experience and the team/technology invested into each offering.

Best Wedding EVER!

We work directly with you to customize all your music, the party atmosphere, lighting vibes, and wedding day. We plan in advance and don’t ever leave things up to chance! That’s how we keep the spotlight on you on your big day! Let us handle some of the logistics, and make your day seem effortless!

After all, we’re professional, full-time wedding DJs! This isn’t a side hustle or weekend gig for us! When you book SCE for your wedding, you know you’re getting the best, and our thousands of 5-star reviews prove it! But, the secret ingredient is you!

 It’s ALL about you and your vision! Let us show you how we can help you achieve it!