We know the celebrations can be pricey, so we understand the appeal of freeing up some space in your – maybe larger than anticipated – party budget.  But, if having a proper photo booth experience at your event is important to you, that’s one area of the budget you don’t want to skimp on! In the big scheme of things, hiring a professional photo booth company generally only adds a relatively small amount to your overall budget, but that small outlay can and will  make a BIG difference at your party! Let us show you a few reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a professional like Snapshot Photobooths, which is a branch of SCE Event Group.

The Savings Will be Less Than You Think… Really!

After you finish going through the work of sourcing or making a backdrop, buying a nice variety of props, figuring out proper lighting (external flashes? studio lights?) and which camera to use (including remote triggers), your savings will be slim to none. In fact, it might even cost you more, depending on what you’re after! Not to mention all the time and energy you will have invested; meanwhile, a professional photo booth company will already have everything they need on hand to do your event! Also, they’ll have high quality/commercial versions of all of the necessary gear, which means the gear itself will be more reliable! Quality is of utmost importance, after all, it impacts the way you and your guests perceive your photo booth experience. But, it’s really not just about the gear! Professional companies will also have a history of experience setting up and running the booth. All of that comes together to mean that a professional won’t be trouble-shooting problems at your event when they could be taking photos!

No Offense… But It Probably Won’t Be As Good!

Not trying to insult anybody with that statement, just making our (very informed) opinion known! People really do always start their do-it-yourself photo booths with the best of intentions, but tend to find out rather quickly that sourcing all the materials they’ll need is both quite expensive and time consuming! And, that’s before we’ve talked about printing your photo booth photos! So, if your guests receiving prints at your event is important to you, and if your guests receiving quality prints is more important, it’s best to hire a professional! In the end, why go to all that expense to be left with an end product much less satisfying than the real deal? Your money, time and energy – all valuable commodities –  are truly better spent hiring a professional company and leaving everything to them! Trust us!

The Printing Is Complicated to DIY

With a DIY photo booth, you’re very unlikely to be able to offer your guests prints to take home at your event, due to the rather complicated process of taking the photos from the camera, and formatting them into a customizable and instantly printable format. And, trust us  – we’ve been to a LOT of events – the truth of it is that people LOVE the instant gratification of taking home photo booth prints!. For some guests, it’s really all about the prints, and many of them leave with a stack of photo booth prints, sometimes enough to cover their entire fridge doors, or tuck into every book as a bookmark! Photo booth prints are simply put, a great take home remembrance of your party for both you and your guests, and they could be used as a replacement for traditional wedding favors! 

Good Props Are Actually Pretty Expensive!

We’ve been to a LOT of parties, so we can attest to the fact that people really LOVE photo booth props! They’re entertaining! They’re bright! They invite you to Play! They can even act as an ice-breaker for some of your shyer or more reserved guests who aren’t keen on being the center of attention. They can also be a fun tool to unleash your guests’ creative potential, while also serving to get them into party mode! But, here’s the kicker! Props can also be kind of  expensive, especially when you’re building a collection from scratch!  Meanwhile, a professional photo booth company will have already invested the capital in a large variety of high quality props and signs. So if you were to do the math, and add up the cost of a comparable amount of props, in a comparable quality, that a professional brings out to their events, it would end up being pretty darn expensive! Why go to that expense and trouble? Hire a professional instead!

Do You Need One More Thing to Worry About On Your Big Day?

Weddings include SO many details, a mind boggling amount, so you really have enough to think about already! The last thing that should be occupying your mind, or causing worry on your big day is setting-up and running your photo booth! We also don’t think it should be the responsibility of one of your guests either, after all, you want everyone to enjoy your day, and it’s a big ask to leave the photo booth in the hands of a guest!  You, your new spouse and your nearest and dearest have memories to make, not a bunch of spare time to spend managing the photo booth!! 

But, when you hire a professional photo booth company they’ll take care of all of that work for you! They’ll show up at their scheduled time, get the booth set-up, run the booth throughout the night, engage with and help your guests with their sessions, make sure the whole thing runs smoothly, and pack up and haul their gear away at the end of the booking The best part is that it will all just happen. all without you lifting a finger, after all…It’s their business to ensure you and your guests have a wonderful photo booth experience!