Wedding Receptions Done BIG, Jason Jani, Sound Connection and Vito Namio, Dash Of Class team up for modern wedding celebration!

Well this weekend we had the honor of doing 2 larger wedding receptions and they each truly deserve their own blog. Each of the weddings were very large productions, so we will start off with our Friday night wedding, James and Nicole. Now this wedding was done by myself as well as one of the partners of Dash Of Class Entertainment named Vito and 2 assistants and a number of additional live musician preformers.
As a note, this event was for a James who has been one of Vito’s assistants for years and has worked on my team at DOC/SCE for most of the year in 2008. At the request of the Bride and Groom, I was there to work the music and play for them. Both the Bride, Nicole and the Groom, James, are fans of my radio mixshows and follow alot of my remix work. They are both such nice people and James as been there for me in times when I needed help so it was my pleasure to do the event.

So here is a list if the features we provided for them:
1. String Trio for Ceremony and Cocktail
2. Music for Reception
3. Lighting Option 3 Enhanced-High Output Customized Lighting (10 Intelligent Fixtures)
4. Ambient Room Uplighting with over 30 fixtures (Blue)
5, 4 50 inch Plasma Displays, 2 of them behing the Bride and Grooms head table on truss towers shown below.
6. Live Percussionist during Reception
7. Ceremony Highlight Recap Video (video playback of ceremony and vows earlier in the evening which took place at the hall).
8. 2 Different Montages during reception, Love Story and Friends and Family.
9. Candid Photo Display and ambient video display on all 4 plasma televisions
10. Jason Jani and Vito Namio along with 2 assistants

The reception itself was awesome, dancing until the very last song. Both Nicole and James looked incredible. James had the guys all pimped out with Burberry Ties and the Bridesmaids all in a shade of brown.

Formalities Music Information:
1. Bridal Party Intro Music – Nightmare – Brainbug
2. Bride and Groom introduced to Jason Jani custom edit of Bring EM Out by TI
3. First Dance – Until the end of time – Justing Timberlake and Beyonce
4. Bride and Dad – Unforgettable – Nat and Natalie Cole
5. Groom and Mom – I Hope you Dance
6. Last Dance – One More Time

December weddings are awesome.

Thanks for the read. Jason Jani

Here are a few photos for you to see:

Bride and Groom Candid Photo

Plasma Displays Behind Head Table - NJ wedding Reception Specialists

Uplighting and Display near cake behing head table

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