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Tony Tee Neto


DJ Tony Tee

Tony Tee ”The voice of SCE”

As a DJ and MC for over 16 years, Tony is a creative force who has touched so many facets of the industry. His taste for music developed very early on, eventually evolving into taking up the drums. Though he claims to be “not very good,” the years spent playing along to his favorite rock tracks provided a rhythmic foundation that, to this day, he credits with developing his gift of timing and musical construction.

Tony has had the opportunity to play music for crowds as diverse as ice cream flavors!  Playing countless private parties, bars and nightclub venues throughout his career, Tony has earned the reputation of being a meticulous music mixer.  Tony has been featured at lounges, clubs, and private events in New York, New Jersey, and beyond.  In addition to playing in front of diverse clients, Tony has been sponsored over the years by brands such as Budweiser, Hpnotiq, Philadelphia Soul, and Playboy.

After the turn of the century, Tony launched his mixshow, titled “t2 Blender”.  The t2 blender has moved from being syndicated to being exclusively available at the iTunes Music Store and on

Over the years, Tony has never shied away from the microphone, connecting with the crowd on all levels.  There aren’t many in the private event entertainment circle who have mastery over both the music and the microphone – like Tony Tee.  The combination of a professional-yet-relaxed-and-natural mic presence, plus exceptional music mixing and programming are the perfect combination for a successful event.  He approaches every event with complete professionalism, while at the same time, making the crowd feel comfortable enough to let loose.

Then there’s the studio. Enter: Drop House dot com

As if being a diverse professional disc jockey and event host wasn’t enough, Tony began expanding his universe to include studio work.  He sharpened his skills in the music production, voice-acting, and audio editing areas which materialized “the big break” – Webster Hall and Z100 Radio.  Capitalizing on his mastery over the microphone, he got the call to become the exclusive radio commercial producer for the NY mega-club, getting his unique voice and production skills recognized weekly on FM radio heard all over the tri-state area. This put his studio, Drop House, on the map– and made Tony’s voice a sought-after commodity in the imaging industry.

Tony and his studio are leaders in “audio branding,” voicing and producing ads for big and small businesses, corporate videos, and imaging for DJs worldwide.  His voice can also be heard on all promotional materials for Sound Connection Entertainment!

Always the “well-rounded individual”, Tony is also co-host and producer of the monthly small business show, “Rockstar Podcast.” Here, he takes part in informal conversation with his co-hosts, candidly sharing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with the world.

Tony’s approach to private event hosting is personal, professional and fun-loving. His execution is absolutely top-notch, making him an asset to any event. His passion for music and events keep him in a constant state of evolution.

Have a look at Tony in action at past events below.  (Scroll to see the various Video Blogs)