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Jeffrey Balkin



Jeffrey Balkin 

Jeffrey Balkin’s interest in the music and nightlife industry started over 10 years ago after experiencing his first nightclub. From that moment, he knew he wanted to be a part of the music and nightlife industry in whatever way he could. Experiencing firsthand how a single person could make hundreds of people dance Jeffrey knew he wanted to be able to do the same. While receiving training and experience from a small mobile DJ company more than 12 years ago, he got his chance. Early in his career Jeffrey was introduced to Jason Jani while working for the same small mobile DJ company. Jason took Jeffrey under his wing and showing him the ropes. Jason founded Sound Connection Entertainment in 2000, and Jeffrey was there every step of the way helping make Sound Connection Entertainment become what it is today.

Since his start more than 12 years ago, Jeffrey’s professional DJ resume has grown to over 800 successful events of all types including performances at weddings, nightclubs and everything in between. Together, Jeffrey and Jason have gone one step further producing and remixing many songs as a team called the Blend Brothers. Jeffrey’s style and music selection vary by venue and event, and is constantly changing. This ability to adapt and read a crowd is largely how he has become so successful as a DJ, both in the mobile and in the nightlife industry.


Click any of the videos below to see some of Jeffrey B’s past event.

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