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SCE showcase event: Bamboozle VIP lounge 2012

The SCE Event Group was honored to be a part of Bamboozle’s 2012 festival event, which took place in Asbury Park NJ.  If you are not familiar with what Bamboozle is, you should be!This year the event was a three day oceanfront festival.  Main stage was on the beach, plus six other stages in tact. […]

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SCE rocks the Southgate Manor with Kim Sozzi for Johnny & Christina’s Wedding

The SCE Event Group was honored to host, design and celebrate with Johnny & Christina in September at the Southgate Manor in Freehold, NJ .  This amazing event has been on our calendar for the last two years and would be considered to be an SCE production wedding.  The bride and groom found us and selected […]

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Light Up Your Life

Lighting makes a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your event and sets the mood for the whole evening.   So how do you find the right lighting? That will depend on your theme, venue and the mood you want to create.  This is why it is important to work with a professional, […]

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Lightscaping Design with SCE

Lightscaping and Intelligent lighting design seem to have become pretty popular buzz words in the NJ Wedding and Private event industry.  The services known as Lightscaping also happen to be a large component of our enhancement portfolio at Sound Connection Entertainment. We figured that since so many people are loosely using the terms, that we […]

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Wedding Receptions Done BIG, Jason Jani, Sound Connection and Vito Namio, Dash Of Class team up for modern wedding celebration!

Well this weekend we had the honor of doing 2 larger wedding receptions and they each truly deserve their own blog. Each of the weddings were very large productions, so we will start off with our Friday night wedding, James and Nicole. Now this wedding was done by myself as well as one of the […]

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