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Why SCE?

Here are a few reasons WHY you should consider a NJ Wedding DJ from the exclusive firm SCE for your upcoming celebration.

We will always treat you with complete respect, we are honored to live our passion everyday, and we will be mindful of your unique event ideas, vision, expectations and time.

SCE Event Group

We care about your event. You will never have a SCE Event Group team member that is not qualified at your event or that does not have a personal stake in your event’s success. All of our SCE DJs are well-versed professionals with at least 10 years of experience. We understand the impact outstanding entertainment services can make and will ensure to give our verst best at each and every event.

We believe your wedding entertainment should be personalized and not cookie-cutter or generic. We will work one on one with you to develop a customized and unique entertainment approach that reflects your tastes, ideas and desires.

We offer you the ability to see us at real SCE events with our vLogs. Get a backstage pass to some of our past events without getting all dressed up! With over 500 vlogs for you to see right here on our site from past events, you can get a very good idea of our diversity and ability. From simple music only events to incredible large scale productions our team has tons of real behind the scenes video blogs for you to see. We are not scared to show you what it is like at our events, so sit back, and take a tour of one or five hundred of our past events…

We will make ourselves available to you throughout your entire planning process. In additon to having access to our full time office support team available to you, we will provide you with our Email addresses, Twitter names, Personal cellular phone numbers, iChat IDs, and even add you to our Facebook accounts – so if you have a question, we will be easily accessible.

We do not overbook our calendars or over-extend ourselves with commitments that we cannot handle. As a client, you can be assured to meet directly with the DJ who will be at your event when reserving your services from day one. No sales personnel, No runaround, No surprises. We give you the personalized attention needed to ensure your event will be a success.

We do not rely on line dances or using outdated “cheesy” DJ techniques to get your party started. So forget about the embarrassing line dances and DJ that is gonna force your Aunt Betty onto the dance floor before she is ready to strut her stuff. That’s not us.

We are creative and adapt our style to your crowd or the type of entertainment you want at your affair… We are not limited to playing premixed CDs or playing the same set of songs at every celebration. Every SCE Event Group event is unique and entirely customized from the first beat to the last song.

We do not offer “cookie cutter” packages, but custom entertainment packages designed for you based on your entertainment celebration vision. If you are considering a music only wedding package, or something more extravagant such as Plasma Video screens, Intelligent Lighting programmed for your event, Projecting your name or initials on the dancefloor, ambient room LED uplighting or even live musician performers, we will work directly with you to create the entertainment package of your dreams and in line with your budget.

We are fully insured and are full time disc jockey professionals. None of our Event Hosts do this “on the side” or just on the weekends. We live this industry every day, it’s what we do…. really it’s what we love to do and knowing that, should make you feel a little better about your decision when considering us.

We don’t just play music, we live music. With our award winning, and trendsetting DJ talent have been featured on some of the country’s hottest dance music radio stations, as well as being producers and remixers you can be assured that we can keep your event energized with flawlessly beatmixed music and polished professionalism. So whether you’d like a custom remix for your entrance, a broad selection of classics, modern hits, and even ethnic particulars, we got you covered with our ability and talent.

We offer each client the ability to complete their wedding planning forms, and listen to music samples of over 75,000 songs on our website.

We only utilize the very best sound, lighting and video equipment available. Our presentation and sound quality is far beyond the average and matched by few in the country.

We always have back up equipment on-site at every celebration, and one entertainment professional us always “on call” and on “stand by” in the event of an emergency.

We stand by our commitment to customer manhattan dry cleaning service and to provide nothing short of the very best in mobile DJ Entertainment services. We work very hard to ensure we address every detail for your special event, including the correct song selections (likes and dislikes), formalities, and all other particulars… as a client you will find out that our attention to detail is unmatched.

We are not intrusive or obnoxious on the microphone and we do not talk between every song. We believe in tasteful audience participation and we will not overwhelm your guests with endless or unnecessary DJ microphone chatter. Less cheese, more filler. It’s your celebration and we will never take the spotlight from you.

We invite you to check out what some of our past clients have to say on websites such as, and even by googling us!